2014-08-18 Racks
1 stainless steel, does not rust.
2 wall thickness of casing joints thickened, strong solid pipe thickness.
Family Medicine Cabinet
food-grade environment-friendly material, non-toxic, smooth surface, smooth, color / uniform thickness.thick, strong and sturdy...
Toothbrush Holder
2014-08-18 Toothbrush Holder
1 tough and firm.
2 surface smooth, no shedding, no particle shape
Bathroom Shelves
2014-08-18 Bathroom Shelves
Quality space aluminum, high strength and corrosion resistance, plasticity, and the surface does not fall off, do not rust and environmental protection in a lightweight and durable point.
Kitchen spoon shovel Tool Set
High quality food grade plastic, nontoxic, has excellent strength and anti-acid, anti-corrosion, high heat resistance properties.
Factory Quality Assurance
Spray aluminum, iron pipe surface spray evenly, smooth surface, which can effectively prevent the rusty iron pipe, extend the service life...
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